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Upcoming Events

Our Hall meets at Hofbrauhaus, most Fridays for happy hour. Please contact us for further information if wishing to join us.

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About Columbus Mead Hall

The Mead Hall is a Columbus Ohio based group centered on honoring the Gods / Goddesses, and Ancestors of Indo-Europe (Nordic / Germanic) people. We are an independent group that gathers monthly for Blót or Symbol, or as our Holy tides and availability dictate. Our Hall members meet regularly at pubs or coffee shops to celebrate our lives and those within the larger Asatru community. These gatherings are also designed to help us grow, and learn through Lore study. The Mead Hall is a non-discriminatory group created to provide an environment in which one can practice Ásatrú and gain deeper understanding of the principles and practices of our Heathen religion. We will not accept hatred, intolerance, or discrimination based on age, color, ethnicity, gender, language, national origin, race, sexual orientation, or any other decisive criteria. We welcome anyone who is truly interested in the religion. 

Our name derives from a main libation utilized for Symbol. Mead is a honey based alcohol that can be brewed at home. More on mead and it’s ancient origins can be found under our tab containing information on brewing mead, along it’s ancient origins and ALU. We will also publish our members recipes here as well.


Why we chose Hall, Instead of Kindred.

           The majority of Asatru (Heathen) based groups choose the term Kindred and practice a more family oriented / based style of heathenry. Many of these groups tend to refer and treat one another as family members. One aspect of the term Kindred, as defined by Merriam-Webster: “noun; one’s family and relations” would support this methodology. Through this process, many great and lasting bonds can form. 

            We, lean more toward another aspect of the term Kindred, as defined by Merriam-Webster: “adjective; similar in kind.” “noun; natural relationship, or affinity.”

            As stated above, bonds of friendship, are of great importance to us. However, we feel that they should occur naturally, at one’s own pace. So, it is our hope, that the Mead-Hall, a horn, along with the Greater Heathen community can come together, spiritually, and honor our Ancestors, Gods/ Goddesses, and our Folk.

Feel free to contact us at




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